Fulhealth Industries MultiMetal D Tox 100ml

A Treatment to remove heavy metals from human includes chelation as well as supportive measures, often used in combination.

Multi Metal D-Tox was developed specifically with the technical know how of an established leading colloid manufacturer in Australia. It encompasses 9 distinct advantages compared with other similar products with these available technologies. The advantages are:

use of charged and structured water;
the amino acid EDTA is present in colloidal form for ease of absorption;
suitable for oral or transdermal usage due to the colloidal nature of the product;
pH of the product is maintained around 5.5 which makes it optimal for dermal usage;
direct absorption into bloodstream with the colloidal nature even taken into digestive tract;
catalyst agent to produce nascent oxygen (proprietary process);
effective removal of heavy metals at cellular level;
embedded alkalizing agent to promote body alkaline for more effective removal of heavy metals; and
buffer included for protection of the eliminating organ.
Usage Protocol:
Multi Metal D-Tox should be used in conjunction with the Heavy Metal Test Kit. After a client has taken a Heavy Metal Test and his urine sample is positive for ionic heavy metals, initially prescribe 2 mL per day of Multi Metal D-Tox (preferably mixed in 1 litre of drinking water, consumed over the day). Approximately 2 weeks after commencing on the Multi Metal D-Tox (chelate) a retest using the Heavy Metal Test Kit should be conducted.

On re-testing, if (a) the Heavy Metal Test Kit shows green, the client should continue to take the Multi Metal D-Tox at 2 mL, 3