Deuter - Mirage

CD: Mirage

The soundscape of Mirage invites you to a space where you can look at everything you know to be true. You are taken to a place deep within yourself that is in this world, but not of it. As you listen to the music you are lured, as if following a mirage, towards your inner silence. Deuter's Mirage is a true masterpiece.

Deuter creates his music in his home studio hidden deep in the New Mexico forest outside of Santa Fe, which he shares with birds, deer, bears, roadrunners, snakes, and coyotes. The studio, with its large windows and views of the forest, is both a sanctuary and a laboratory for creating his award-winning music.

Deuter continues to learn and master an ever-expanding array of instruments including piano, various keyboards and synthesizers, guitars, shakuhachi flute, cello, koto, sitar, tabla, Turkish sasz, Persian tar, santoor, bazuki, Tibetan singing bowls, chimes, drums, ethnic percussion, and more. ''For me, all the instruments are like colors in apainting,'' states Deuter. ''I m not focused on one instrument specifically. I use many sounds and instruments so that it is like painting with sound.''

Through feeling, awareness, and experience, Deuter expresses spirituality through music to transport the listener to a space of well-being.