CD: Songs of Ganesha

CD: Songs of Ganesha

Songs of Ganesha celebrates India’s beloved deity of creativity, art, science, wisdom, and full-steam-ahead forward motion.

Also known as “Ganesh,” “Ganapati,” or “Vinayaka,” he’s the familiar, kind-hearted god with the head of an elephant. But his divine essence transcends names or images—and resonates here in 11 selections intended to evoke his liberating presence, release our blocked energies, and take us toward our highest aspirations.

The tracks in this collection range from traditional to contemporary, chant to chill, and feature many favorite artists, including MC YOGI remixed by Shinobi Wan, Luna Ray remixed by Desert Dwellers, Jai Uttal remixed by Rara Avis and Shamans Dream, Wah!, David Newman, Niraj Chag, Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band, DJ Drez, and Prem Joshua.

Produced by White Swan Records and Sounds True.