Book - Modern Introduction to Hemp : Food and Fibre: Past, Present and Future - Paul Benhaim

A well-researched easy to read introduction to the many uses of the industrial hemp plant by one of the world's leading hemp experts. Integrates food with mind, body and spirit ranging from nutritional theories to discussion of its medical properties.

In Australia and New Zealand Hemp is not allowed for sale as ‘food’. In USA and EU Hemp is allowed to be eaten.

Best book on industrial hemp because it is clear and easy to read; full of facts and contains great resources. Written by a global industry leader, Paul Benhaim.

the blurb: “Hemp is one of the world’s most remarkable resources, producing a staggering array foods, fuels and fibres – the basic building blocks for an industrial society, all from a single plant source. Hemp is a superior source of fibre for clothing, paper, plastics and permanent building materials, and oil for methanol fuels and a myriad of cleaning and paint products.

As a commercial crop, hemp requires no pesticides to grow, improves soil structure, and is more efficient and sustainable than conventional forestry. Hemp is widely considered the ‘perfect renewable resource’, as it can be grown throughout the world (to maturity in under 100 days), all year round.

The healing and pain-relieving powers of Hemp are legendary. Claimed by many to be a ‘superfood’, hemp seeds provide an excellent source of protein and beneficial fatty acids (Omega-3, 6 and 9). Hempseed oil is renowned for its moisturising and rejuvenating qualities and is used in fine cosmetics and soaps, as well as many skin, hair and body products. In short, the diverse uses and beneficial qualities of hemp are unsurpassed in the plant kingdom.

Industrial hemp offers a promising alternative to petrochemical-based plastics, creative and environmentally friendly building materials, hemp hurds (for cleaning and absorbing industrial waste, effluent and oil spills), a cheap source of diesel fuel and a low-cost/high yield product well suited for developing nations to create and maintain a stable economy” (Paul Benhaim, author of A Modern Introduction to Hemp: From Food to Fibre).