Lily Rain



  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Healing
  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Counselling
  • Cacao Ceremonies

All healings $100 per hour or $150 1.5hrs

Via Appointment – 0433 209 788

Do you feel stuck? Does something in you need to shift? Is there a blockage you can't seem to move past? Are your chakras out of alignment? Do you need to love yourself? If any of these questions are a yes,  then come book an appointment to see Lily Rain. She will help you to move through anything you have going on,  she will give you tools to help you on your journey of self discovery and show you how to own yourself and love yourself fully. Lily is heart warrior soul healer here to remind you of your full potential. She has much to offer including hypnotherapy, sound healing, energy work, channelled guidance and much much more. Each session is based upon each individuals needs. You will walk out of the healing with a smile and many things to work on as this journey is all about the layers and working through each one on this magical ride of spiritual awakening. To book a life changing experience please call 0387464008. Don't delay this is for you!!!!

Sound Healing

Come and heal your soul through the power of vibration and sound, in this 1 hour healing you will have your energy cleared, blockages removed, massive shifts of energy, and your energy aligned.  Allow this experience to move though you with love and change. Energy exchange of $100 for 1 hr or 1.5hrs $150, 2hrs $200. With Lily Rain.

Spiritual Hypnosis, Counselling and Energy Healing

Transform your life today and release blocks and issues. Allow your path to be rich and full of love respect and blessings.

Find who you are and unleash that wonderful you to the world, no more holding back. Take this time for you and embrace your true self.

Energy exchange of $100 per hour or $150 for 1.5hrs 2hrs $200. With Lily Rain