Meet our Healers

Lily Rain

For More Information on Lily Rain and her Services, 

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  • Spiritual Hypnotherapy
  • Energy Healing        
  • Reiki Healing
  • Crystal Healing  
  • Sound Healing    

    All healings $100 per hour or $150 1.5hrs

           Via Appointment – 0433 209 788

Kevin Rain

For More Information on Kevin Rain and his Services,

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  • Shamanic Energy Healing
  • Energy Healing
  • Ascensional Alignment   
  • Sound Healing              
  • Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapy

         (Includes a bottle of flower essence)

  • Life Coaching 
  • Western & Shamanic Herbal Medicine            
  • Holistic Counselling and Psychology 
  • Shamanic Cleansing

        All Healings 1hr $100 or 1.5hrs $150

  • Basic Palo Santo Cleansing 5 minutes $5
  • Basic White Sage Cleansing 5 minutes $5

Warren Gellatly

More Information on Warren Gellatly and his Services, 

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  • Psychic Medium Reading

        $100  40min-1hr

  • Spiritual Healing                 $100 1hr
  • Personal/Psychic Development

      $100 per hour or

       $70 for 2 people

       via appointment

       – 0402 010 773 –

Roquelle Frances

For More Information on Roquelle Frances and her Services, 

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  • Psychic Medium Readings
  • Guides and Angel readings

All readings $150 per hour

  • Healings $150 per hour

(Intuitive psychic medium healing)

  • Past Life Karmic Soul Clearing
  • Spirit Attachment (Entity) Removal
  • House Clearings & Blessings

           (Various methods may be used including spirit contact,          mediumship & clearing tools)

via appointment

-0422 468 594-

Alanna London

For More Information on Alanna London and her Services 

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  • Myotherapy

Assessment, Treatment & Rehabilitation of:

Soft Tissue Pain; Restrictive Joint Movement; Chronic Long Term Injury Pain; Using: Deep Tissue Massage; Dry Needling; Muscle Stretching; Rehabilitive Exercise.

  • Romiromi:

Using Nature & Ancients Wisdom to do deep blockage & releasing; plus Lighting & Freeing of the Spirit. Using: Deep Tissue Remedial Massage; Body Alignment; Gentle Joint Manipulation; Stimulation of Haemata (Pressure points); Activation of Cellular Memory to Release blocked energy & toxins facilitating deep healing.


A Therapeutic & Healing Relaxation Massage; Working on the outer body layers Bringing Energy Balance of Mauri ( Life Essence) & Wairua ( Spirit) resulting in Deep Body Relaxation, Clarity & Rejuvenation.   

 All Treatments are $80 per hour or $60 Concession

Via Appointment 0420 402 768 

Gillian Trevascus

For More Information on Gillian Trevascus and her Services 

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  • Personalized Spells

Using the Life Force of Magic to assist you to Awaken your Soul and Stand in Your Own Power.


  • Holistic Healing

Transforming the Energy Body to connect to the Divine.


  • Grief Counselling

To assist you to walk along your Healing Path with Strength and Courage.

All services $60 per hour

Available Via Appointment

0427 827 013





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