Limitations of fear; a key to the evolution of consciousness

Limitations of fear; a key to the evolution of consciousness

Limitations of fear; a key to the evolution of consciousness

The day we choose to face our fears is the day we choose no longer to be limited by the misconception of ideas, rules and regulations implanted by systems, people and ourselves. Across lifetimes, leading too this moment, we have been preparing ourselves for the greatest ascension we will ever be a part of, facing fears we created in each journey to achieve the skill set we choose to require in this time of rapid growth, yet we often forget the feeling that comes with the success of overcoming these self-limitations and instead utilize these same opportunities to surrender ourselves to our ego mind, the prison of fear we for some reason continue to choose to live our lives in and defined by.

I ask you, does fear undermine the opportunity of your preferred existence, do you have fear, or do you claim not to allow fear to influence your life. Fear is innate, presented in many wonderful, yet often uncomfortable ways, denial of its existence only serves to separate us further from ourselves. True power comes from the vulnerability of been real with ourselves, this creates the opportunity to truly see were we have room for growth and allows that growth to take place. Fear can often mask itself in habit, allowing repetitive action to relieve its concerns without your minds conscious awareness, a subconscious programme designed by you to hide constant awareness of your own fears, peace in existence through ignorance of our true feelings and further separation from self is often the result.

Does life create the need for us to continuously experience fear or does the energetic blueprint of fear we carry manifest into our reality as something we need to be afraid of. Is there enough of this energy, collaborated by each of us and caught in the collective consciousness, synergistically working together and manifesting a reality in which fear is the driving mechanism. Next to love, fear is one of the most productive governing energies of existence, one could argue, physical existence on earth is changed by love, yet ruled by fear. Through the act of love, we experience the creation of new life, yet we govern that life by rules regulated and enforced through fear, we punish if a child does not listen, we prosecute criminals, present fines for just about anything, receive threats if we do not follow the requirements of the systematic laws, we are afraid to present ourselves as we believe we should. The harsh judgements and opinions from others further suppress our desire to explore the uniqueness of our individual existence and instead through fear we become the collective ideal, an image and state of being designed by many others in an attempt to ignore the same suppression happening within themselves, within the collective.

Each of our thoughts, experiences and emotions contribute to the overall collective consciousness, our fears and limitations can quickly become those of the ones we love, how often does a beautiful mother unintentionally install fear into her child out of a need to protect them from a similar experience they may have had, simply telling a child that they may fall if they jump instils fear that does not belong to them, conditioning them to limit their potential due to the possibility of what some would prefer to label as a negative experience. When we fall we learn to land safely, when we are scared, we learn to become strong, when we face fear, we learn something about ourselves we never knew, we become more than we have ever been.

We only get to experience this life once, don’t live it hiding behind an illusion of safety, burst your bubble of comfort and experience life through the act of facing self, let each thing you fear be your obstacle to overcome, an opportunity of greater awareness. The limitless nature of our existence is yet to be understood, so don’t place limits upon yourself based on conditioned preconceived ideas of what you thought reality may have been. It’s time to stop allowing fear to be the guide for our experience and instead allow excitement, curiosity and joy to align us to our truth. We say a child learns quicker than an adult, a contributing factor would be the willingness of the child to explore and therefor potentially overcome their fear. They are not yet as afraid of failure as the adult that has been conditioned through fear, giving them an advantage of attempting a new task without conditioning influencing there subconscious and conscious thought processes, freeing energy for retaining memory, focus and of course allowing a better flow of hormones within the body.

The yin-yang describes life perfectly, extreme polar opposites creating balance that meet and integrate in the center, yin representing fear and yang representing courage. Approach life with too much yang/ courage and we can ignore the potential harm that could come from the presented situation, too much yin/fear and one will not be courageous enough to challenge themselves. When we choose to remain balanced and acknowledge we are afraid we can cautiously become courageous enough to (often safely) overcome our fear, from this centered place we create the opportunity to experience life moving beyond that witch had limited us, an opportunity for ourselves and the collective to realize that we are so much more than the limitations we have allowed ourselves to be defined by.

Our greatest fears can become our greatest strength’s, talents we were not ready to allow ourselves to receive can often be hidden in the delusions of fear, create an opportunity to experience all that you can by challenging your fears and seeing what we are truly capable of, let fear be our friend on the journey of self-enlightenment, own it, embrace it, challenge it, and become all that you desire to be.

By challenging this aspect of self, we allow our minds to evolve into what they are destined to become, fear serves as a key to unlock the mysteries of the potential of the human mind, turn the key and explore the limitless nature of all that we can become.

Kevin Rain


Lily Rain

Lily is the co-founder of Shamanic Rain, She is a Healer of many modality's and she is Dreadlock artist.

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