Kevin Rain

Shamanic healing

1 ½ hour shamanic healing session including; spirit communication and guidance, past life release, channelling and channelled healing, chakra alignment, crystal healing, soul retrieval, sound healing and more, this healing session is designed to clear old energy and prepare your being for the growth to come.

A fantastic healing to get your mind sorted, allowing you to stand in your power, where you belong. Start your road to healing and change your life today with this 1 1/2 hour session facilitated by Kevin “the rain man”,  Kevin is attuned in energy healing by spirit, guided by them his energy adjusts to the individuals needs, enjoy the therapeutic effects of his healing. Energy exchange is  1.5hrs $150 or $100 for 1 hour


Shamanism dates back thousands of years, it’s a healing method used by those who connect to the living spirit of all things, guided by nature and entities from spaces and dimensions beyond ours. It is this connection that allows the shaman to connect with your soul on a deep level, working through both past and current life issues they are able to help reconnect the parts of self that have been lost or forgotten.

Receiving messages through nature or spirit guides, a shaman learns to help recreate balance in the energy field, it is their belief that all illness first manifests from a metaphysical imbalance and therefor, they seek to understand the true nature of an illness and re correct this balance.

Shamanic Cleansing

Basic Palo Santo Cleansing 5 minutes $5
Basic White Sage Cleansing 5 minutes $5
Shamanic Cleansing Ritual 1 Hour $100
with Kevin Rain

 Sound Healing

1 Hour $100 with Kevin Rain
An experience not to be missed!

Holistic counseling and psychology

Healing with Kevin
Counseling 1 Hour $100

Australian Bush Flower Essences Therapy

Allow the powerful vibration of flowers to shift and change the subtle energy bodies, release fear, emotion, thought patterns and create an opportunity of wellness in your life. Experience natures healing powers with Kevin and embark on your healing journey. This 30 minute session includes flower essences to take home. Energy exchange just $100 Including the Flower essence.

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