journal leather- 7 crystal chakra medium

Large 7 Chakra Leather Journal,  Vintage paper sheets

This pure leather journal is studded with 7 different stones and has chakra designs embossed on both the front.

Key Features
- Large Size 12x9 inch (approx A4)
- Studded with 7 stones and braided edges to give it a unique look. 
- Journal weighs around 850g

The concept of 7 chakras is found particularly in the tantric traditions of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism. They are conceived as an energy focal point, bodily functions, or psychic node in the subtle body. The book is approximately 25cm tall, 18cm wide, and 4.5cm thick, and the pages are unlined.

It can be used as a dream journal, shamanic notebook, crystal information, witch craft, recipe book, a photo album, and as a collection book for stamps. You can stick and write anything on the high-quality paper inside.

This book is awesome for keeping by the bedside to jot down dreams, or for use as a diary or journal. Makes an ideal present for your special someone or a treat for yourself