Journal: Book of Shadows & Light - Lucy Cavendish

Journal: Book of Shadows & Light - Lucy Cavendish

Description: This deluxe illustrated book/journal is full of profound and magickal wisdom by renowned author and witch, Lucy Cavendish, about the lunar cycles, the Wheel of the Year and the time-honoured traditions of witchcraft. Book of Shadows and Light is your own sacred journal. For hundreds of years, wise ones, magicians, witches and lightworkers of all kinds have kept personal journals in which they have recorded their soul-questing. Be it through meditation, inner exploration, mystic adventure, spiritual travels, magickal manifestation or blessed spellcrafting and casting, the uncovering of each individual enchanted path is full of unique wisdom. With this Book of Shadows and Light, you join these magickal practitioners in the quest to realise your soul’s energy as it is meant to manifest within the world. Through countless inspired quotes and musings, Lucy imparts her extraordinary experience & knowledge to assist you in connecting with your divine wisdom, self-knowledge and natural gifts of intuition. Features cream-coloured premium quality wood-free paper, with a combination of lined and unlined pages so you can write, doodle, paint or draw. Features 44 Full- Page Colour Illustrations!


ISBN: 9781925538120

Dimensions: 23.5 and 18 cm

Publish Date: 1/07/2017

Page Count: 268