CBD Oil: What you need to know about choosing oil

CBD Oil: What you need to know about choosing oil

So why has CBD oil grown so much in popularity, because it works! Hemp produced CBD oil has changed the healing industry and transformed the way consumers think about wellness; offering a once temporarily legal, cannabinoid-based alternative to medical marijuana.

Now the medical industry is catching on, with attempts to synthesise and isolate this naturally occurring cannabinoid, Epidiolex: waiting for further research and positively effecting only 30% of epileptic patients is the pharmaceutical equivalent to these amazing cannabinoids found in hemp. Hemp CBD is now excepted in the mainstream and as the demand rises, so too does the need to educate consumers.

How do customers know if the CBD oil they have purchased is pure? Even more important, how do consumers find the best CBD oil on the market today and what questions are important for them to consider?

To begin; the best CBD oils are made from Industrial grade hemp and are

  • Extracted Using CO2
  • Independent third-party lab tested
  • THC-Free
  • Clearly Labelled
  • De-carb
  • Validated with Medical Trials (where possible)
  • Come from a trusted source


The highest quality CBD oil comes from organic industrial grade hemp

the best CBD oil products start with an organic industrial hemp sourced from cultivators globally, hemp has a reputation for using all available nutrients, absorbing minerals and macronutrients from surrounding soils, therefor organic produce from high quality soil produces the best quality CBD oils.

Raining Health industries sources quality industrial hemp products produced from non-GMO organically grown industrial hemp, grown in rich soils throughout Denmark. The plants they harvest are prepared for use with a focus on healing and well-being and are of course, of optimum quality.

Australian laws allow for CBD oil to be supplied by prescription from a qualified medical practitioner only, companies who continue to sell CBD in Australia are doing so for moral reasons only and therefor, these companies can often find it hard to supply appropriate information freely, Raining Health industries is an example of a quality company providing as much information as possible.

Consumers need to be informed

  • Always research; where the manufacturer sources their hemp. Look for countries producing quality medicine
  • All information should be readily available on the company’s website (in countries were sale is legal), or through their customer service representatives who should always be happy to help
  • If companies to not supply or withhold information, then it is a red flag and consumers should look elsewhere for their CBD products

CO2 extracted CBD produces a pure, top quality product

Even if they start with the highest quality organic hemp, some companies cut corners when it comes to the extraction process, affecting the overall quality of the end product. Consumers should be cautious of any “cheap” CBD oil available on the market, chances are; they have been extracted with cheap nasty solvents like hexane, propane or butane, which can have hazardous effects on the health of your body.

Raining Health uses only CO2 extraction when manufacturing hemp products, these are tested both internally and externally by an independent company. This includes triple hplc testing for cannabinoid and terpene profiles, as well as testing for and free of course, of contaminants.

Consumers need to be informed as to how there CBD oil has been extracted

  • Co2 extraction retains the naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and beneficial molecules found in the hemp plant
  • Co2 extraction is a gentle approach which ensures pure extraction without toxins and contaminants in the final product
  • Also removes any THC present
  • Some companies use ethanol in their extraction process, but the top CBD producing companies use only CO2 extraction.

 The need for independent testing

 Ultimately, the most significant of all consumer concerns and rightfully so, especially since law changes in Australia have made it illegal for sale, is that focusing on what exactly is in the bottle they wish to purchase. Of course, we would think that this is easy, however due to an influx in poorly made and in some cases, even toxic products flooding the market, consumers are now finding it hard to know where to get quality CBD oil. Testing of products supplied has shown in many cases that high THC levels are present or even illegally produced synthesized cannabinoids.

Raining Health provides customers, were necessary with the lab reports for all their products, these tests are always up to date and only performed by reconised reputable testers, ensuring a fantastic quality and safe medicine

In countries were use of hemp is legal (and even where it is not), consumers should always request lab reports:

  • The best companies in the industry self-regulate with independent third-party lab tests for all of their products.
  • Testing is the only way that consumers can be sure that the claims made about their CBD oil are valid.
  • Understand however, in countries where law does not support open sale and use of CBD products, tests may be hard to receive and not necessarily an act to cause suspicion

The safety and efficacy of THC free oil

 THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a cannabinoid found largely in cannabis and only in trace amounts in industrial hemp, is the psychoactive compound responsible for the “high” associated with smoking weed. Legally produced CBD oil from industrial-grade hemp contains less than 0.03 percent THC, meaning, it cannot produce the psychoactive high associated with street use or the use of medical marijuana.

It is especially important to avoid companies that use synthetic substances to stimulate reaction in their products, these can be extremely hazardous to the human body.

Consumers should know and trust the quality of their product:

  • Independent third-party lab testing protects all consumers from unintentionally encountering hazardous toxins and contaminates
  • It ensures both safety and freedom for consumers wishing to explore what CBD oil may be able to do for them


The importance of clear labeling for pertinent information

 This one probably seems obvious, though with currant law restrictions in Australia, many people are now purchasing CBD oil in bottles without any labels, no claims at all, as to what is actually in the bottle. Even if there is a label, people are often conditioned to assume most things are the same, but what really is this product? Is it mixed with propylene glycerol or an mct oil, how many mg of CBD is in the bottle and to what amount of solution?

Top quality providers in Australia will still provide this information on the bottle, as they wish to self-regulate quality control and provide consumers with the highest quality product available. Raining Health openly provides all information on appropriate labelling to help guide consumers in receiving the most appropriate product.

Where possible; consumers should only purchase CBD oil that is clearly-labelled:

  • A clearly-labelled package helps customers to make informed decisions about the products that they purchase.
  • It is important to know the strength of the product as well as any additional ingredients that may be added by the manufacturer.
  • Labels on bottles allow people to trust quality brands
  • Labeling also keeps all information clearly available to consumers so none is misinformed


Finding a CBD oil company that offers a great product and truly cares

Of course, with CBD oil growing in popularity, many people are trying to make money selling both pure and fake products to unaware consumers, now is a great time to ask as many questions as you can. Legitimate companies will make there information readily available to consumers and will be happy to guide them when necessary.

Raining health is one of the top producing CBD companies and openly offer information assisting consumers on there products and their use, there products can be found with trusted suppliers and as any quality product should; it gives customers peace of mind that they know exactly what they are purchasing. After all, the best CBD oil companies are completely customer-focused


Research and be informed

Yes, keep reading articles like this, there is a growing sea of information becoming available as to the benefits of CBD. Keep learning as much as you can and share the information with those around you. Know what questions to ask and be aware of fake medicines, share your knowledge of trusted brands, so many more people can receive the benefits of a quality medicine.


Article by Kevin Rain


Lily Rain

Lily is the co-founder of Shamanic Rain, She is a Healer of many modality's and she is Dreadlock artist.

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