CBD Information Session “A Shamanic Rain Free Event”

CBD Information Session “A Shamanic Rain Free Event”

CBD Information Session “A Shamanic Rain Free Event”

Hemp CBD (cannabinoid) oil has become popular through the natural medicine industry and is quickly becoming highly sort after in the mainstream, even though here in Australia it is classified as a schedule 4 prescription only medicine.

Mounting evidence is growing suggesting the possible positive impact the cannabinoid profile of this plant has on repairing the body and treating, what were once recognized as untreatable illness/disease.

Come along to this information rich session and immerse yourself in knowledge of this magical medicine and its possible benefits, bring along those you wish to learn more about why this plant may help them.

Key topics include:

What is CBD Oil
Hemp vs cannabis
The endocannabinoid system explained
Cbd and homeostasis
Illness’s it may help
Possible side effects
Safety and interactions
Finding quality products
Treatment and dosage
Working with doctors
Cbd and pets

Don’t miss this chance to better educate yourself and others, take healing back into your own hands and empower yourself with knowledge. Information session will run for approximately 2hrs and will be guided by Kevin Rain.

            We look forward to seeing you there

Saturday 4th August

2pm – 4pm

@ Shamanic Rain Healing

3/10 Harrison Crt Melton

Lily Rain

Lily is the co-founder of Shamanic Rain, She is a Healer of many modality's and she is Dreadlock artist.

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